Thursday, 22 January 2015

WIN STUFF At Pteroformer - BAM Greetings Cards

It's January and you lot in the Northern Hemisphere are all feeling low and depleted. So I've been to the bank, rearranged funds and borrowed some cash to bring you this blog's first ever competition. Now, the car I could afford on this blog's budget wasn't really worth towing home to photograph, so I've decided on something a little less corroded and a lot less expensive.

Up for grabs, courtesy of Robert Follen at Bob Art Models, is this set of three greetings cards, each bearing a different famous dinosaur hunter. Robert has spent the last eighteen months building a small company in Todmorden, West Yorkshire, and he wiles away the hours coming up with new and hideous ways to depict otherwise beautiful specimens of celebrity, including such megaliths as Mary Berry (from some cookery show), the befezzled Tommy Cooper and Hammer hero Peter Cushing.

Now, I've known Robert for a good few years; we were in a band and attended the same art college. He eventually went the route of model-making and visual effects and I took up illustration. So I exploited our friendship and pushed him to give the palaeontology community what it so desperately needs: hideously-rendered caricatures of three of palaeontology's best-loved heroes, Roy Chapman Andrews, Othniel Charles Marsh and Edward Drinker Cope. Given how the three characters he chose all look a bit severe to begin with, I think they'd probably not be utterly, utterly offended by his efforts.
Old rivals Cope (left) and Marsh (right) with Roy Chapman Andrews keeping them in check. (©2015 Bob Art Models)

So, all you have to do to win this set of cards is answer these three questions:

1. Which famous Hollywood adventurer is best associated with Roy Chapman Andrews?
2. Which late Jurassic theropod was named to honour Othniel Marsh?
3. Three types of (living) animal were present at Cope's funeral. What were they?

Email your answers to microraptor_at_hotmail_dot_com, and don't forget your name and address.  I'll select a winner at random. Best of luck! Closing date is Thursday February 5th.

Alternatively, buy directly from Bob Art Models. Contact BAM here.

Small print: this competition is not open to employees of Bob Art Models. Sorry, Robert.

Coming up soon: an update and brief overview (so far) of my Nyctosaurus book.

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