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I'm a fenlander of Anglo-Welsh heritage living on the Fylde Coast of Northwest England.  The pursuit of a degree in Scientific and Natural History Illustration brought me here, and family keeps me here.  The day job sees me jabbing buttons on printers and designing, graphically.  The every-other-waking-moment job usually involves illustrating palaeontological subject matter, whether that be for my own projects, or for commercial purposes.  Past clients include Oxford University Museum of Natural History, the Smithsonian Institute, Haynes Publishing and Dorling Kindersley.

I am currently writing and illustrating a natural history graphic novel on the life of Nyctosaurus gracilis. I also co-write another blog, Beware! The Zine, with Andy Brain, whom I first met at school in the mid-eighties. As of January '15, I am also the colourist for TetZoo Time!, an Adventure Time!-styled web-comic based on the exploits of members of the TetZooniverse.


The back end of 2016 saw the release of my second book - alas, unrelated to palaeoillustration. 'When Fandoms Collide' is a spoof fanfiction which sees characters from the acclaimed Adventure Time series clash with those from the maligned Twilight franchise. Published through Ecen Books and available at Lulu, it bears a foreword from frequent conspirator, Andrew Brain.

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