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Thanks for clicking 'Support Me!'. You know what's in here, so I need not worry that I lured you here with empty promises. It is the gift shop, but I don't funnel visitors through it en route to the exit. To come to the point as directly as possible, this isn't a commercial blog so it's all done for naught (money-wise). It was, however, conceived as a way to raise my profile amongst the palaeontological community so that the various publications I'm working on may reach a broader chunk of their intended audience. Like everyone, I still have bills to pay, so if I can supplement my day job's pay with sales of t-shirts, greetings cards and whatever else I can make available through print-on-demand services, it's makes it a little easier to get to those conferences and meet-ups where palaeontologists are regularly herded.

I maintain a collection of palaeo and non-palaeo products at my Redbubble account. I use my semi-regular handle, 'GaffaMondo', linked here. I also sell greetings cards, which I print and finish myself, here, at my eBay account. If you're looking for something in particular, shoot me an email at and I'll see what I can do.

A pterosaur embryo, available as a greetings card here.

Female Nyctosaurus. Buy it on stuff, like t-shirts, here.

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