Monday, 12 January 2015

Posterboy For Open Access: Aquilops

After tweaking the papercraft Aquilops americanus skull, made available at SV-POW!, I figured I'd throw together a desktop 'ornament'. A. americanus is fast becoming the unwitting poster boy for open access palaeontology, so it's an apt choice of dinosaur. In keeping with the intentions of the paper's authors, it's freely available. Download the image from here or, if you want the PDF of the Ai file so that you can edit it, email me at

Quadrupedal pose perhaps overstated. Don't like it? Change it!
This model is designed to work without glue BUT! glue will make it look better, giving closer, neater joins. It's up to you. Make it better!

Papercraft Aquilops americanus (by Gareth Monger)

It works best printed at the intended size of A3 (420x297mm) but A4 (297x210mm) will work at a push. Print onto thicker stock if possible, say, 250gsm. If you carefully trim the barbed tabs, they should 'click' into the receiver tabs without the need for glue. Score folds for a neater finish. A good craft-knife (or, better still, a scalpel) and a steel rule/straightedge give best results.

Edit it, share it, distribute it. Keep it fun and keep it free.

See SV-POW! for more Aquilops stuff.


  1. Pretty cool, but what about the rostral projection? WIthout that it's basically Archaeoceratops.

  2. Well, I was hoping you'd just be happy with the sharply angular nose. :) It's open access, so people can edit the net as they see fit.

  3. also it's entirely possible that that rostral projection was hidden by the keratin sheath and/or is a pathology or deformity not diagnostic of the genus.